July 13, 2020

Virtual Hearings in Family Courts, a COVID-19 Response

On June 17, 2020 the Chief Administrative Judge of the Family Division of the Connecticut Superior Courts made a momentous announcement.

“… judges will begin to hold virtual (video) family court hearings. Participants will join by internet video using the Microsoft Teams application. You will be able to join the hearing from your home, place of work, or anywhere you can connect to the internet with a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone.”


Not all matters and cases may be heard virtually. And the presiding judge in each courthouse has a great deal of discretion about how to choose which matters and cases will be heard and how the docket for that particular courthouse will be managed. It’s important then to confer with your lawyer to understand what options you have.

To date, virtual hearing experiences are mixed. This is another reason to confer with your lawyer to determine whether proceeding virtually is in your best interests. Even if your case qualifies for a virtual hearing, waiting until the courts are fully operational may be the better option.

I’ll continue keeping you updated on the Family Court changes being implemented to address the pandemic.

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