"The Collaborative process provided much better means for resolving these emotionally charged issues for both of us. I had an advocate on my side that was committed to having a fair and respectful process that would keep us out of litigation."

Collaborative Divorce, 31 year marriage, Southington

"I would just like to thank Lisa and Lori so much for all their help and doing such a great job on my case, and keeping me sane!"

Collaborative Divorce, long term marriage, adult and minor children, Wallingford

"Personal service. First response. Perfect service."

Divorce Consulting, 2nd marriage, Newtown

"Lisa was professional and extremely helpful as we moved through the process. She is able to move through emotionally charged issues and keep both parties focused on the ultimate objective."

Collaborative Divorce, 30+ year marriage, Southington

"The aspect of representation we were most satisfied with was the quality of the alternatives offered when we were at an impasse."

Divorce Mediation, 7 year marriage, West Hartford

"I was most satisfied that there was always a sense of professionalism coupled with sensitivity."

Collaborative Divorce, 26 year marriage, adult child, Southington

"I was most satisfied with the caring and professionalism of the firm itself."

Collaborative Divorce, long term marriage, two children, Cheshire

"I most appreciated how easy Lisa was to work with-kind, empathetic, and accommodating."

Divorce Consulting, long term high net worth marriage, Rocky Hill

"Attorney Cappalli has an insight and understanding I never expected to find with an Attorney."

Divorce Mediation, 25 year marriage, 1 minor child, Beacon Falls

"Your firm helped me achieve peace and closure."

Divorce Consulting, 13 year marriage, Wallingford

"I was most satisfied with the personal attention to the emotional piece behind the dissolution. I truly felt like I had an ally looking out for my best interests."

Collaborative Divorce, 21 year marriage, Cheshire

"I would recommend you because you keep your word!"

Collaborative Divorce, 10 year marriage, Waterbury

"I was most satisfied with the courtesy and respect and for understanding the emotions we were going through during a very difficult time."

Divorce Mediation, short term 2nd marriage, Shelton

"I wanted a fair and civil split from a relationship that was at a dead end. I wanted my son to be okay. I believe with your help and knowledge, this was totally achieved."

Divorce Mediation, mid length marriage, Wallingford

"My case was handled with dignity and compassion. We were treated like people, not a case. Our feelings were heard, acknowledged, and accommodated."

Collaborative Divorce, short term marriage, Southbury

"It was a tough process with difficult problems but there were no issues with us getting through this with your help. You were thorough and fair."

Divorce Mediation, 16 year marriage, 3 children Cheshire

"It helped achieve an agreement that will work for both of us and our situation. I feel like we can still have a positive relationship as co-parents moving forward."

Divorce Mediation, multiple young children, Cheshire

"We wanted fairness and equality during the whole process and to feel comfortable with our decisions. We felt this was achieved."

Divorce Mediation, short term marriage, Oxford

"Lisa is excellent at framing the “big picture” when clients are focused on the immediate future. That was enormously helpful. She… encouraged me to continue to take the “high road” in challenging circumstances.”"

Collaborative Divorce, parenting and financial challenges, Cheshire

"This process was the best for our children. Though both are adults, they are both supportive of our choices and proud of us that we handled it all so well."

Collaborative Divorce, long term marriage, Middlebury

"I felt that I was well represented while at the same time there was a good effort to get both parties what they needed to move forward."

Collaborative Divorce, three young children, Southington

"I’m grateful for Lisa’s ability to make the difficult process of divorce bearable due to her brains, efficiency and likeable personality."

Divorce Consulting, long term marriage, 2 teenagers, Cheshire

"I benefited by having a forum to openly discuss in a calm and non-threatening environment the concerns we each had about our son to ensure this relationship in transition would have as minimal an impact as possible."

Divorce Mediation, with pre-teen child, Wallingford

"I thought you were highly effective at diffusing tension during the mediation meetings."

Divorce Mediation, minor and adult children, Middletown

"There were a lot of things I thought you did well, but if I had to distill everything down to a single concept I think the aggregate benefit was that you were able to balance collaboration and advocacy. Meeting my needs while still moving a painful but inevitable process forward at all possible speed."

Collaborative Divorce, 24 year marriage, one adult and one teenage special needs adult, Naugatuck

"I was most satisfied with the excellent and quick responses and that you were caring and nonjudgmental."

Collaborative Divorce, 2 school age children, Prospect

"Your Calm demeanor and creative thinking were exactly what we needed."

Divorce Mediation, long term marriage, adult children, Southington