We all know family members or friends who have children without being married to the child’s other parent.    The law rather clearly sets forth the rights and obligations of parents in these situations.  Whether through consulting, mediation, collaboration or litigation, we assist unmarried parents navigate custody and visitation as well as child support and other financial issues.

Some of us know a loving committed step parent who still wants to have a relationship with their former step child although the marriage to the child’s legal parent has ended.  Or grandparents and other family members who need or want their relationship with a child formalized legally because they are raising the child, a parent has died or the parent refuses to allow their child to see an alienated relative.

In all these situations, the law isn’t always so clear or helpful.  Sometimes resolutions can be created without the force of a court order.  Sometimes they can’t.   We help clients identify realistic goals and then, to the extent possible, through the court system or otherwise, achieve these realistic goals.

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