Effective February 1, 2017 I became affiliated and am now “Counsel” with the Hartford-based family law firm of Freed Marcroft.    I chose to join Freed Marcroft because their fundamental approach matches my core philosophy of educating and empowering divorcing clients to make the right choices for themselves and their families.  This arrangement enhances the value I can provide to clients and potential clients in numerous ways, most importantly:

Litigation Services.  I have focused my practice on consulting and advising, collaborative divorce, and mediation to resolve divorce and family law issues privately, respectfully, and creatively.  Freed Marcroft shares my commitment to collaborative divorce and mediation.  Most of the Freed Marcroft lawyers have special training in those non-adversarial methods.  In addition, where non-adversarial divorce is not an option, Freed Marcroft offers clients an experienced litigation capability.


For more information about Freed Marcroft LLC see www.freedmarcroft.com.