May 7, 2020

Update: Making Family Court More Effective During this Difficult Time

This updates my April 16 post about how the Connecticut Judicial Branch is taking bold steps to make the family court more effective, and user friendly, during this difficult time. Here are the newest changes instituted by the Judicial Branch earlier today.

“Effective the week of May 11, 2020, family pretrials and status conferences will be held telephonically.  These remotely held events will be scheduled in cases from all Judicial District courts, whether or not the court location is currently open…”.

“The Judicial Branch is also taking requests for the entry of judgments by agreement, or for the approval of any final agreement, in divorces, legal separations or custody/visitation actions without a court hearing.”

My personal thank you to the Judicial Branch for taking these unprecedented steps on behalf of Connecticut families. Without making light of the seriousness of the family court or the matters or people who come before it every day, let me say that these changes and the willingness of the Judicial Branch to institute them, are awesome!

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