December 31, 2018

Potential Pitfall for Divorcing People, A New Divorce Procedure

There is a new divorce procedure which every plaintiff, the person starting a divorce, as well as the defendant, the other spouse, need to know about.

To properly start a marriage dissolution action, the formal name for a divorce case, it’s no longer enough for the defendant to be served with the divorce Summons, Complaint and Automatic Orders.   As of October 1, 2018, the plaintiff needs to have a special form called an Appearance served on the defendant as well.

Failure to follow this new procedure can result in extra time, hassle, and expense at best and the need to start a brand new divorce case at worst, which would cause the 90 day waiting period to start all over again at day 1.

I can help people navigate through the divorce procedure waters even if they want to handle other parts of the marriage dissolution themselves. 






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