June 23, 2019

Pitbull Doesn’t Equal Effective

All lawyers admitted to practice in Connecticut are bound by the “Lawyers’ Principles of Professionalism” one of which is:

“Civility and courtesy are the hallmarks of professionalism and should not be equated with weakness.”

I have opposed hundreds of different lawyers – different backgrounds, experience levels, genders, solo practitioners and partners of enormous law firms.  Even some with reputations as pitbulls, sharks or other vicious members of the animal kingdom. In my experience, rather than being weaknesses, civility and courtesy can be assets.  A civil courteous lawyer who is also smart, well prepared and working hand in hand with their client is the lawyer most likely to achieve their client’s realistic divorce goals.  And isn’t achieving your realistic divorce goals ultimately what you want from your lawyer.

By the way, a lawyer who doesn’t treat their client’s spouse or other lawyer with civility and courtesy isn’t likely to treat their own client with civility and courtesy either. Divorce is difficult enough without being stuck with a lawyer who disrespects and mistreats you.

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