January 9, 2016

No Minor Kids? Why a Divorce Coach May Still Be a Valuable Choice.

“Our kids are grown, we’ve been through marriage counseling and I have my own therapist. Why should I have a divorce coach? “  Many collaborative divorce clients ask me this question.

My colleague Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD, would answer this way.

“Coaching isn’t therapy. The coach is an expert on group process. When the Collaborative Divorce process goes well it’s because the team (professionals and clients) worked well together. This is particularly challenging given how difficult the discussions are and how emotions and the psychological factors and dynamics complicate the process. The last thing a divorcing couple may feel like (and sometimes the lawyers too) can be a ‘team’. The coach isn’t functioning as a therapist, but as a psychologist who helps make sure the process is as productive and healthy as possible.”

From my perspective as a collaborative divorce lawyer, including a coach as part of the collaborative team allows me to focus on what I do best and what I’ve been trained to do – to be my client’s legal ally, advocate, and advisor.

To hear more about collaborative divorce coaching direclty from one of the best coaches in Connecticut, feel free to contact Dr. Zimmerman directly at 203-271-1990 or drz@jzphd.com or check out his web site at www.jeffzimmermanphd.com.


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