June 6, 2018

June Misconception – Shared and Split Custody Are the Same Thing

June Misconception – Shared and Split Custody Are the Same Thing

 No they aren’t, at least not here in Connecticut.

These labels describe two different types of parenting plans. There are different child support rules and outcomes depending on whether a parenting plan is shared custody or split custody as well.

Shared custody means that parents share parenting time and day to day parenting responsibility about equally.  It’s important to remember that “about equally” doesn’t necessarily mean exactly 50%-50%.  And there is no specific percentage of parenting time or weekly parenting schedule required to constitute shared custody.  As a result, there are many different shared parenting plans. Parents can share custody whether they have only one minor child or multiple children together.

Split custody means that the parents a) have at least two minor children and b) at least one child lives primarily with each parent.

The Connecticut Child Support Guidelines provide formulas which generally establish the child support obligations of each parent for parents who are either divorced or never married and the kids lives primarily with one parent.  There are also separate formulas for split custody situations.

On the other hand, the Guidelines anticipate that the formulas might not be appropriate for shared custody families.  The Guidelines then allow parents a fair amount but certainly not complete discretion to create a child support plan that best meets their particular situation.  Remember though that ultimately the Superior Court must approve what the parents propose and that the Court, not the parents, have the final say.

Whether your question involves parenting and custody or child support or both custody and child support, feel free to contact me.  I can help you create and implement a game plan to achieve your reasonable objectives.  



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