August 28, 2018

Is Your Parenting Plan Still Working?

Is Your Parenting Plan Still Working?

Just before the start of the new school year is a good time to check in with your children’s other parent to discuss whether your original parenting plan still works well for your kids-and if it doesn’t, to change it.

A parenting plan that allowed your kids to thrive years or even months ago, might not be what’s best for them now.  And not because anyone did anything wrong or one parent is a better parent than the other.  Just because circumstances change over time.  People move, kids get older, school schedules change, parent’s get new jobs, kid’s get part time jobs or have extracurricular activities, siblings fight…. The list of changes in the life of a family is infinite and constant.

Don’t be afraid to sit with your children’s other parent to explore whether there may now be a better parenting plan, whether it is a revised schedule, transportation or supervision practices or other components of your parenting plan.  If your children are old or maturity enough, consider getting their input and inviting them into the discussion (as long as the parents maintain the decision making authority).

Let’s face it, life changes in so many ways from year to year.  Maybe a change to your parenting plan to reflect and respond to some of these changes will benefit your kids as well as both parents.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss this blog further, whether alone or with your children’s other parent.


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