Successful entrepreneurs, executives and high net-worth individuals facing divorce, and their spouses, need a high level of problem-solving sophistication and creativity. In my mediation and especially collaborative divorce practice, I assist my clients achieve creative and customized resolutions to their divorces. Better resolutions than through litigation—less acrimony, less waste of money on legal wrangling, less delay and waste of time. Better financial settlements designed, not for the “average” family, but for individual circumstances.

The best part: these resolutions are done privately – not in open court – often with the guidance of trusted financial professionals.

My approach is to be my client’s ally, advocate, and advisor: ally by empowering the client; advocate by pursuing the client’s important interests; and advisor by helping the client make the best personal and financial decisions.

Case Study– Dom had spent his life building a successful highly specialized aerospace component manufacturer. But the divorce, especially Paula’s volatility, jeopardized everything.  Sound familiar? See Case Studies to learn how Dom, and other successful entrepreneurs and executives, divorced and moved on with their lives while preserving trade secrets, customer information and business privacy.

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