These emotions are natural reactions to a divorce. They can be amplified by a seemingly mysterious legal process and the “advice” of well-meaning family and friends.

Many clients going through a divorce ask me:

  • How do I get a fair divorce?
  • How will I divide the property of a lifetime?
  • Will I have enough money for a comfortable lifestyle?
  • What about my kids?

As a divorce attorney, I am your ally, advocate, and advisor. As a divorce mediator, I am your teacher, guide, and facilitator. My goal is to help you move forward with your life by listening to your concerns, fears and dreams, answering your questions about divorce, and helping you make the best choices for yourself and your family.

Here is what some former clients had to say.

“I was most satisfied with the personal attention to the emotional piece behind the dissolution. I truly felt like I had an ally looking out for my best interests.”
Collaborative Divorce, long term marriage, Cheshire.

“One of the most important qualities that I was looking for in an attorney and that I found in you was someone who was easy to talk with and someone that explained the whole divorce process in terms that I understood. At first the whole process seemed so overwhelming but when taken piece by piece it seemed more manageable and a little less overwhelming.” Collaborative Divorce, Wallingford.

Case Study – Elizabeth had been the complete corporate wife, homemaker and mother to four children. Charlie’s decision to divorce came as a complete shock to Elizabeth. At first, she distrusted Charlie’s explanation of why he wanted the divorce and doubted her own judgment and identity.  Yet, Elizabeth started her new single life with confidence and security. Read how Elizabeth, and others like her, accomplished this with the support of strong non-adversarial professionals.

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