Philosophy. My office practices are designed to: a) improve the quality of the services delivered to clients, b) maintain clear and open communications with clients, and c) allow me to operate a profitable, reputable, and well run business. While not “set in stone” in every situation, I’ve found that establishing, communicating, and implementing basic office practices improves the likelihood of achieving all three goals on a consistent basis. Your feedback about my office practices is welcome.

People. I founded Cappalli & Hill, LLC in 2000. It was then known as Lisa J. Cappalli, Esq., LLC.

In 2012, Attorney Edward S. Hill joined the firm. Attorney Hill’s experience and statewide reputation as a leader in real estate matters allows me to address the sophisticated real estate needs of some divorcing couples.
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Legal Assistant Lori Cipollone returned to the firm in 2013, providing administrative, secretarial, and paraprofessional services to our clients.

Paralegal Kelly Loftus, with us since 2012, provides additional administrative and real estate services.

Physical Space. The office is located on Route 10 in Cheshire, in particular at 325 Highland Ave. Safe and convenient onsite parking is available. My suite, number 202, is accessible by elevator and stairway. The office is non-smoking. Weapons are prohibited. The office space is appropriately configured, nicely furnished and decorated and kept neat and clean to ensure a working environment that is professional yet comfortable.

Communications. I can communicate with you via telephone, voicemail, letter, facsimile transmission, electronic mail, physical meeting. Sometimes Skype or other electronic conferencing is appropriate. Please let me know your preference. Please do not contact me via text messaging, Facebook or other social media.

I try to return telephone calls and emails during the business week within twelve hours of my receipt and will typically do so within several hours. I ask for your understanding in advance for that rare circumstance I am unable to reply to you during the business week within twelve hours. Note that while I generally check email and voicemail over the weekend and holidays, response time may be longer during these periods.

Other Professionals. The input of other professionals is often invaluable in developing reliable factual information, creating options, and implementing client agreements. Thus, I maintain a network of competent, experienced, and resolution focused professionals, most of whom support the non-adversarial resolution of family disputes. These related professionals include mortgage brokers, tax accountants, pension lawyers, child therapists, divorce coaches, child specialists, certified divorce financial analysts, vocational and career counselors, real estate lawyers, insurance specialists. We may turn to one or more of these professionals as we proceed through your matter.

Clients are often concerned about the fees and costs incurred by seeking the services of related professionals. My experience is that the value the right professional adds to the quality of the agreement as well as the divorce process, is normally well worth the out of pocket costs and thus a good investment by my client.

Respect. I will use my best efforts to treat my clients, your spouse, the other lawyers and their staff, other professionals and court personnel with courtesy and respect. Please do not misconstrue my attitude and behavior as “soft” or “weak”. Rather, such treatment typically will further your best interests and goals in terms of the divorce or other legal process as well as the substantive outcome of the agreements you reach. I ask that you make sincere efforts to communicate with others and us in the same manner. Please know however, I appreciate and understand that divorce and the other reasons clients seek my representation are often emotionally challenging. I know we are working with you through very difficult times in your lives and will strive to show patience and compassion.

Client Survey. Client feedback concerning all aspects of our relationship with you is important to me. Therefore, upon conclusion of our work together, I will ask that you take a few minutes to complete my Client Survey.