Clients will be asked to enter into a written fee agreement with Cappalli & Hill, LLC. This agreement is a contract that is binding on both you and Cappalli & Hill, LLC. The fee agreement will describe the terms of our engagement including specifically what you are retaining this firm to do for you as well as our respective rights and responsibilities.

A preliminary fee estimate is not a fee guaranty or maximum fee. The preliminary fee estimate is based upon the information and representations a client has provided to me at the time we enter into the fee agreement. The information a client provides or his initial expectations about how his matter may develop may be inaccurate or incomplete, resulting in fees which exceed the preliminary estimate.

Supplemental fee agreements will be utilized as well when appropriate.

Clients are encouraged to thoroughly review all fee agreements before signing, discuss any questions or concerns with me, and/or review the fee agreement with an independent attorney.

I typically operate on a retainer basis, the amount of the retainer being based primarily upon the type and complexity of the case. I will hold back a portion of your retainer until the final invoice. Supplemental retainers are sometimes required too.

Legal services are presently billed on an hourly basis. The minimum increment billed is .1, which constitutes six minutes.

Invoices will be sent to each client regularly. I encourage you to contact me immediately upon your receipt of any invoice about which you have questions or comments.

I generally do not provide services on credit. Thus, except in certain exceptional situations, your account with this firm must be kept current at all times. Generally, a service fee will be charged on accounts outstanding at the rate of 12% per year compounded monthly.

I accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.