August 18, 2016

I love what I do because…

It’s simple.  I love what I do because of the people.

Yes, as a divorce lawyer, mediator, collaborative attorney, and guardian ad litem, I’ve been able to build my own business, make a good living, be intellectually stimulated and challenged, and, as the years pass, earn the respect of my peers.  But mostly I love what I do because of the many people I’ve gotten the chance to meet, work with, help, learn from and know intimately.

There’s Robert.  When we met, he was a devastated, angry, confused senior citizen blindsided by his wife’s infidelity.   He became our family friend, travel companion and honorary grandfather to my son and step kids.  Robert’s generosity was limitless.   I miss him.

Kurt’s gift to me was knowledge about and insight into myself.  While bartering services, Kurt helped me realize the connection between the teenage me and why being a collaborative lawyer is my calling.  Very cool.

Barbara.  Barbara was smart, funny, and hard working.  She had a heart of gold.  I loved her.  But as a client, she was a challenge!  Barbara was losing her kids in her divorce, mostly because of her own doing.  She even disappeared for several weeks shortly before the start of her custody trial, reappearing at my office unannounced with a very prominent new tongue piercing.  We got through the trial together.  Barbara eventually got her kids back.  She invited me to attend the graduation ceremony from her drug treatment program-the only non family member she invited.  I was honored to attend.

I could write on and on about the incredible people I’ve served during my legal career.  Maybe some time I will.  For now, let me share just one more of them with you.  Debra.

Deb made the courageous decision to end her marriage so that she could live an authentic life as a gay woman.  Not an easy thing to do today.  Even more difficult twenty years ago.  Deb taught me that the willingness to show one’s vulnerability is a true strength.

I think of these people, and other clients, often.  Thank you to you all.











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