February 22, 2016

Fast Track Non-Adversarial Divorce : My report back to you.

In my September 19, 2015 post I shared my excitement about a new fast track divorce option which was becoming effective October 1, 2015.

As I’d hoped, I’ve been able to help my mediation and collaborative divorce clients complete their divorces in less than 90 days in the Waterbury, Ansonia-Milford,  Stamford, and New Haven Superior Courts.   I’m  now taking the steps for a collaborative divorce to take advantage of the 90 day waiting period waiver and finish in the next few weeks in the Meriden court.

There are still some “kinks” and differences in procedures from one courthouse to the next.  But overall, the new law is helping couples control the timing of their divorces – and the cost as well.  Just as planned.

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