The Close
What if you could divorce with a known cost; within a fixed time-frame; in a private setting; with legal, emotional, and financial support?

You can.

The Close was created by professionals with significant experience working with entrepreneurs, executives and high net-worth couples who demand quality, sophisticated expertise, and creative solutions.

All without stepping into the public setting of a courtroom.

This unique approach benefits those who want to:

  • Divorce through the collaborative process
  • Avoid the conflict, cost and unknown outcome of litigation
  • Complete their divorce within a 90‐day time period
  • Make co‐parenting a priority
  • Maintain privacy

At The Close you will:

  • Remove yourself from your day‐to‐day environment and responsibilities
  • Focus on the matter at hand in a productive, non‐confrontational atmosphere
  • Have a strong, supported voice in your own future
  • Make smart, well‐supported decisions
  • Do away with needless interim waiting periods
  • Have conversations that facilitate closure
  • Take rejuvenating breaks to refresh your mind and spirit
  • Come to agreements that will create the future you want, for you and your family
  • Avoid the financial and emotional costs of the open‐ended time frame of the conventional divorce process